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Canada Online Casino’s Increasing in Popularity

Gambling became popular in Canada starting in 1969. The law was changed to become a law regulated by provinces and territories. This originally started out with some regional lotteries. The popularity of the regional lotteries added to the relaxation of other gambling activities. This has led to sportsbooks and land-based casinos coming around in Canada.

Land based casinos have been consistently rising in popularity ever since their introduction to Canada. Overall in 2016 the majority of canadian gamblers were aged between 35 to 55 years old. The most popular form of gambling in Canada is still lottery tickets. However, this is followed by slots being the second most popular.

Most users who access online casinos use desktop. Around 48% of players use desktop. While around 35% of players access online casinos on their mobile phones. Technological advancements and seamless integrations have played a major part in the growth of online casino. There are no longer slow loading times or glitchy games, which improves a players experience.

Covid-19 also had a positive impact on the industry. Players opting to play casino had no choice but to play online. The improvement in online casino over this period is evident but one major factor impacting player spend was sportsbooks. Overall casino spend was improved when players were also gambling on sportsbooks also.

Benefits to Players

The combined trend of returning sports and an increased number of online casino players could see a higher customer lifetime value for online casinos. This could lead to the cost per acquisition increasing in the already competitive market.

The market competitiveness is what really benefits the casino players. Leading to better welcome offers and promotions. Usually giving players free spins to keep them interested in slot games.

A more competitive casino environment means players can shop around at numerous different casinos to see which is their favorite. Usually, the better casino will win out to retain the player and gain the most benefit from the customer lifetime value.

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Canada’s Gambling History

Gambling in Canada is certainly not a new form of entertainment. As you would expect, there have been games of chance and luck for centuries. They were around long before any form of casinos appeared.

The original record of gambling in the region dates from 1497. A person called John Abbot discovered native tribes who played games of luck and chance. It was very basic at the time and not close to the games we play now.

As expected, gambling was a popular form of entertainment even before any laws and even Canada’s formation as an independent country.

Gambling Banned

The Canadian casino scene was not always straightforward. In 1892, all forms of gambling were banned. This was due to the Canadian Criminal Code. It banned all types of gambling activities due to the fact it was considered inappropriate by the government.

Fortunately, the total ban only lasted 8 years. In 1900, the law accepted some variations of games of luck. Charities were allowed to run bingo and raffles. A decade later, people got the right bet on horse racing again. A further 15 years after that gambling events were allowed to be hosted in certain provinces.

Lotteries were very prolific, and the government changed the law again in 1969. After the changes in regulation, lotteries served as platforms for funding specific projects. The first example happened in 1974 when locals organized a lottery event to gather funds for the Olympics.

Historical Facts

Well, as we mentioned above, one of the first regulators was the Mohawk Territory Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Guess what is so specific about it? As it is still fully operational, this makes the Canadian regulator the first-ever online casino authority in the world.

Before Europeans arrived in Canada, native people played games of luck, as we mentioned. The games that they played involved gaming sticks and the name of one popular game was Slahal or Stickgame.

There is also one fact from the Klondike Gold Rush. With the discovery of gold in Yukon in 1896, people rushed to the region. During that period, one of the most popular games was Faro, a card game that the Americans brought. Unfortunately, once the Goldrush ended, so did Faro disappear in Canada.

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